Saturday, March 29, 2008

Team Blonde Fab's new motor pacer

Today we put together the new moto pacer for the 2008 season. I will be piloting this contraption until my leg is able to push me forward under its own power.

According to the MFR's website this little 80cc motor will push this bike up to 35-40 mph. I can't wait to get a computer mounted up to the bike and see what it will do. As a few of my buddies were zipping around on it, it looked as it was doing 25+ with no problems.

The entire "pedal assist" kit weighs in at 19lbs. which makes this 45lb. bike with 3 hp get a supposed 150 mpg.

I can see some of my friends outfitting their cruiser bike with these as well and start some sort of strange race series.

I put in an inquiry today to see what they would sell me 5 more for. If it is reasonable they will be in my shop in just over a week.

I will do a full review of this product once ample testing has been completed.


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Bob Fairlane said...

Visit The "beer can motors" aka china girls/ grubees like that can run 45 tops with a very high gear and shaved head. They aren't reliable though. Get a Staton Drive kit and a pocketbike motor, do 30mph all day, starts like a weedeater, rides like a bicycle.